Paragon Consulting in Japan, is the trusted and proud Global Alliance and Service Category subsidiary partner for Unethemba Global (PTY) Ltd.

With management having almost 30 years of collective experience in the Restaurant, Hotel, Cuisine, Wine & Spirits, Service, and Wellness industry, Paragon Consulting has adapted and transformed during the challenges of COVID19. The goal is to foster a positive service & business experience through a behavioral change in the industry, by shining the light on solutions, people’s unique skills, strengths, limited resources, and helping company seniority and its staff to transform their desires into achievable sustainable goals through  – Effective Transformation and Adaptation thru Innovative Services (ETAIS), with added motivation and ongoing preventative measures against a debilitating pandemic.

Below is the different original and partnering categories Paragon Consulting Japan offer for radical transformation, uniquely customized to suit every need.

Language & Culture Orientation

The complete cultural and socio-economic orientation of a country, including basic language proficiency, before traveling or relocating your business, in hopes of minimizing any unforeseen barriers that could impede an ambitious endeavor.

Motivation & Wellness Consulting

While keeping the trend of unique management and different industry objectives, this approach works alongside proposed or existing workplace wellness initiatives that support the encouragement of a more holistic approach to employee wellbeing amidst an organizational culture for success.

Food & Beverage Market Entry

Assisting foreign Food and Beverage entities, with the complex procedure and controls governing the industry with negotiating, exporting, marketing and distributing their goods or services into Japan.

Omotenashi - Service Excellence

The Introduction to Japanese Service Excellence, that’s globally understood in a way that addresses, without prejudice, the perpetual frequency of sub-standard service delivery and helping industries to transform their desires into achievable goals with passionate intent and uncoerced motivation.

Live Webinars

Amidst the in-person challenges of the COVID19 pandemic, consider the value derived from our Live Webinars that ensures effective time-management, cost efficiency, flexible participation, and maximum productivity directly from our global network to your location of convenience.