Welcome to Earth Community Unethemba (Hope)

Originally founded as Chikara Wellness Charity in 2004, its new transformation occurred in a cross-continental collaborative initiative between South Africa, Japan, and New York, USA in 2020. The organization’s primary activities are still to channel asset-based and monetary donations towards resources for charity, humanitarian, and community projects in the ongoing fight to alleviate poverty, dispel isolation and fight hunger through collective global outreach initiatives or events that empower the individual, restore wellness and strengthen the community in a self-sustaining way.

There is a song in South Africa, called “Ngabula wen’ unethemba liyatshon’ilanga”. It’s predominantly sung by the women of the amaXhosa nation.  At its core, it’s a song of Hope for the hungry children in rural areas, standing in a food line, hoping that they will eventually get something to eat. 

Hope exemplifies a far greater emotional component of our humanity, an internal rather than outward process of a positive and optimistic demeanor amidst great odds or undesirable challenges, such as poverty. Although poverty is a global challenge fought on many fronts by various stakeholders, it remains the ongoing responsibility of country leaders, chosen by their people, to govern with integrity, implement sound economic policies, eradicate corruption, ensure adequate service delivery and end the social division.

“Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” or “Ubuntu” is a concept that defines the humanity of a person and society in helping one another, without having to ask. It is almost a natural extension of humane hospitality to ensure each other’s wellbeing, for “If Change is for the Better, then such Change is Good!”

Aside from creating the Hope of Ubuntu, we also believe in Sustainable Development Through Responsible Giving, along with the strategic implementation of our 5 Core Principles for Humanity, in conjunction with 5 of the 17 UN – Sustainable Development Goals, to help address the disparity created by society:

  1. Humanity – advocating the collective cultivation of inherent attributes of empathy, kindness, tolerance, and goodwill to eradicate suffering, despair, inequality, and hunger in the pursuit of the greater good
  2. Planetary Wellbeing – the collective efforts to ensure the wellbeing and protection of all life, maintaining the integrity and sustainability of a fragile environment within a unique biodiverse life-support system
  3. Sustainable Prosperity – improving the quality of life, by meeting the needs of all through humanitarian, economic, and technological progress and shared resources in a renewable way without exploiting one-another or compromising shared and natural resources needed for present life to thrive and that of future generations
  4. Universal Peace – maintaining and strengthening a society dedicated and committed to becoming a civilization where everyone can live in freedom, harmony, and cooperation in the absence of discord, subjugation, animosity, hostility, violence, and indifference that leads to war and suffering
  5. Integral Partnerships – establishing an open network of likeminded free-thinking humanitarian stakeholders, rooted in trust, transparency, and integrity to achieve the same common good for all on earth

Earth Community Initiatives

UBUNTU HUMANITARIAN OUTREACH (ECU1-UHO): Offering the impoverished, homeless, socially marginalized, elderly, disabled, and vulnerable temporary relief from hunger and disparity by means of food, clothing, and emergency necessities.
COMMUNITY WELLNESS & ECO-SOLUTIONS (ECU2-CES): Process-oriented and intervention-based program that encompasses community well-being through volunteerism, eco-sanitation, horticulture, water purification, renewable technology in the absence of electricity, and effective waste management or access to clean water.
THE ECU MADIBA GRANT (ECU3-MDG): Charitable investment and disbursement of funds for conservational necessities, human endeavors, educational & sustainable entrepreneurial development, skills acquisition, rural development, and pursuit of necessity.

‘Changing the World of the Needy, One Life at a time’


Although Earth Community Unethemba Projects continually evolve to address ongoing disparity caused by global socio-economic and environmental challenges, it still has a great deal to accomplish. Thus, we need your help to bring about positive change in our immediate world, in a self-sustaining way.


Earth Community Unethemba is a South African NPO #2020/098933/08 and PBO Charity #930071784. Under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act (Act 58 of 1962) and approved under Section 30(1), we provide a Tax Deductable incentive when Giving.


“We live in a world where knowledge and information have made enormous strides, yet millions of children are not in school… It is also a world of despair, disease and hunger. Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life. While poverty persists, there is no true freedom. The steps that are needed from the developed nations are clear.” – Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

Sustainable Development Through Responsible Giving